Mao Zedong – Who was he and what was his record?

NEW China, new life, a video presentation we think everyone should see: watch?v=WJPNMmImFjw This presentation was given by Hands off China Secretary and committee member, Carlos Martinez Brar, at a Hands off China Meeting held to mark the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birth in Saklatvala Hall, in Southall, West London on Sat 21 Dec … [Read more…]

The Diaoyu islands belong to China

We reproduce here the statement of the International Department of Red Youth, originally published on 9 January 2013: This past year China has seen huge demonstrations against the increasingly aggressive and bellicose behaviour of Japanese imperialism. These protests have gripped every region and major city across the country, with protestors shouting “Down with Japanese imperialism!” … [Read more…]

CPGB-ML Statement: Earthquake disaster in China

For the second time in as many years, the People’s Republic of China has been hit by a devastating earthquake causing substantial loss of life and massive damage. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck in the morning of Wednesday 14 April and so far more than 400 people are confirmed dead and 10,000 are known to … [Read more…]


Statement from the CPGB-ML, honouring Jack Shapiro, a great supporter of China. It is with the deepest grief that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) announces that our beloved Comrade Jack Shapiro, Honorary President of our Party and of Hands off China!, passed away from illness in the early morning … [Read more…]

China set for global lead in scientific research

Via Financial Times China has experienced the strongest growth in scientific research over the past three decades of any country, according to figures compiled for the Financial Times, and the pace shows no sign of slowing. Jonathan Adams, re-search evaluation director at Thomson Reuters, said China’s “awe-inspiring” growth meant it was now the second-largest producer … [Read more…]

FT: America is losing the free world

Ever since 1945, the US has regarded itself as the leader of the “free world”. But the Obama administration is facing an unexpected and unwelcome development in global politics. Four of the biggest and most strategically important democracies in the developing world – Brazil, India, South Africa and Turkey – are increasingly at odds with … [Read more…]

Morning Star letter on Copenhagen

The liberal media and the irksome Ed Miliband are accusing China of acting as a wrecking ball at the Copenhagen summit on climate change. As Hugo Chavez emphasised in his brilliant speech at the summit – sadly unreported in the Star – the US with a population of 500 million “consumes 20 million barrels of … [Read more…]

Statement: The case of drug trafficker Akmal Shaikh and the just stance of the People’s Republic of China

[Issued jointly by Hands off China and the CPGB-ML] Akmal Shaikh, a British citizen, was found guilty by the highest Chinese Court, the Supreme People’s Court, of smuggling just over 4 kilograms of heroin into China. It is generally well known that this offence carries the death penalty in China. In its crackdown on drug-related … [Read more…]