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Britain’s Communist Party launches “Hand-0ff-China” campaign

HoC meeting, 19 July

The Communist Party of Great Britain launched on Saturday night a campaign in support of China amidst the China-bashing craze among western media.

The campaign dubbed “Hands off China” is aimed to defend China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, support the “One China” principle and the country’s just stands on issues of its vital national interest such as Taiwan and Tibet.

It is also expected to refute hostile propaganda and misinformation of western media and uphold the great revolutionary traditions of the Chinese communists, working class and people, and support the achievements of the Chinese people in eliminating poverty and building a strong, powerful and modernized socialist country as well as China’s contributions to realizing a multi- polar and peaceful world and to the independent, anti-imperialist development of the countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The campaign will be designed to support Chinese workers, students and other members of the Chinese community in Britain in their struggles against racism and for their rights.

“China has done no harm to others but has suffered a long in history,” said Harpal Brar, chair of the party, citing efforts made since New China was founded in 1949 to stand on its feet.

“China has come a long way since its Liberation with a strong economy, peaceful development and a prosperous society.” However, he noted, western media seems to ignore all these while pursuing China’s human rights issues out of the west’s desire to dominate the world.

“We’re with you,” pledged Brar who asks Chinese people not to be disheartened by the China-bashing from the media.

The party admitted that ignorance and misinformation about China is widespread in Britain, even in the working-class movement. It vowed to counter the “imperialist propaganda and set the record straight” with the campaign.

The campaign will produce leaflets, bulletins and internet articles that refute imperialist lies about China, as well as organize events embracing the trade-union movement in Britain and China to promote friendship and solidarity between the working class of Britain and China.

The Indian Workers’ Association in Britain also pledged solidarity to the campaign.

harpal brar at HoC mtg

Chairman of Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) (CPGB-ML) speaks during the launching ceremony of the “Hands off China” campaign in London, July 19, 2008. Nearly 50 CPGB-ML members from across Britain attended the launching ceremony. (Xinhua Photo)

(Xinhua News Agency July 20, 2008)

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