Letter to Morning Star: Corbyn aligns himself with imperialists

(Thursday 14 August 2008)

REGRETTABLY, Jeremy Corbyn aligns himself with the imperialists in wanting the Beijing Olympics not to happen (M Star July 3). He says: “What a fantastic wake-up call it would be for the whole world if the Olympic Games had to be suspended to allow the air to clear to make it safe for athletes to compete.”

The best answer to this was a letter from J Huang, Buckinghamshire, in Metro of the same day, who said: “As a Chinese, I feel obliged to defend my country. No inland metropolitan city in the world with 36 degrees C-plus temperatures and high-level humidity would have a clear sky in such conditions. It has nothing to do with Beijing’s ‘pollution.’ China is determined to do everything it can to ensure a successful 2008 Games and I don’t think any other capital city could manage to get 1.5 million cars off the road for the event.”

I urge readers to join the Hands Off China organisation. The first AGM is scheduled for October this year when a committee from participants will be elected. This event will be advertised in the Morning Star. More info www.handsoffchina.org or email info@handsoffchina.org

AJ, London N5

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