Jenny Clegg – China’s Global Strategy: Towards a Multipolar World

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Pluto Press has just released an important new book on China by Jenny Clegg, a supporter of Hands off China. Here is the back cover text:

China’s rise is profoundly influencing the evolution of world politics. This book examines how China’s development as a major and independent world power is opening up the world multipolarisation trend, arguing that its commitment to cooperative security and win-win globalisation together with its international consensus-building diplomacy offer a concrete strategy to constrain the US pursuit of unipolar primacy.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 sets out to explore China’s rise in the broad context of the global unipolar-multipolar dynamic with the Sino-US relationship at its core. Part 2 moves on to discuss China’s essentially socialist path, and to consider how, through its Open Door policy and participation in the global economy, it continues to steer a self-determined course of development. The discussion here highlights the government’s recent shift from an increasingly destructive development strategy in a search for a human-centred form of governance.

Part 3 returns to the international stage where a Å’smokeless war¹ is taking place between the US and China across a range of fronts over the rules of the global order. This part spells out the parameters of China’s vision for a new international political and economic order, looking more specifically at how its government is beginning to take a more proactive role in the global multilateral order to shape its rules, and contribute to a progressive global agenda for stability, development and dialogue.


Jenny Clegg is a China specialist teaching International Studies at the University of Central Lancashire. She first visited China in the 1970s and has followed developments closely ever since. She is author of Fu Manchu and the Myth of the ‘Yellow Peril’ and has published research-based work on China’s rural development. A lifelong activist against war, she has most recently been involved in Stop the War activities in her local area and with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament nationally.

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