Xinhua: Lalkar publishes article marking anniversary of democratic reform in China’s Tibet

Via Xinhua LONDON, March 11 (Xinhua) — A UK journal has published an article in its March issue to mark the 50th anniversary of the democratic reform in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, hailing it as “Tibet’s liberation.” Lalkar (meaning “challenge”), a bi-monthly anti-imperialism journal published in Britain, runs an article titled “Celebrate the anniversary of … [Read more…]

Celebrate the anniversary of Tibet’s liberation!

Via Lalkar. March 2009 sees the fiftieth anniversary of the triumph of the socialist revolution in China’s Tibet province. The decisive rout of the serf-owners revolt in March 1959 drew a line under centuries of feudal backwardness and decades of imperialist manipulation, most notably by Britain. By giving their support to the People’s Liberation Army … [Read more…]

China hits back at US criticism on human rights

Via The Telegraph. “The US practise of throwing stones at others while living in a glass house is testimony to its double standards and hypocrisy and has undermined its international image,” said a spokesman for the State Council, the Chinese equivalent of a ministerial cabinet. The fierce response came after the United States criticized China … [Read more…]