Leaflet: Free Tibet is a hoax; don’t fall for it

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On the face of it, the Free Tibet movement seems to be one of those ‘feel good’ causes nobody can argue against, like helping disabled children, or saving the rainforest. All kinds of disparate groupings, from socialists to socialites, and fascists to fashionistas can be found outside the Chinese Embassy, shouting themselves hoarse in their passion to liberate Tibet from the evil clutches of ‘neo-imperial’ China.

Why do representatives of imperialism, like George W Bush, support Free Tibet?

Many Free Tibet campaigners have also campaigned against war on Iraq and the occupation of Palestine. They see themselves as standing for justice and against tyranny, and it is a wonder that more of them are not concerned that the Free Tibet movement (and China-bashing in general) is strongly supported by those same vicious governments that led us into the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia and that have consistently supported Israel in its brutal occupation of Palestine. Is it not suspicious that Bush, Blair and Brown are all fully paid-up members of the Dalai Lama Fan Club?

  • Why do the imperialists so vociferously support Tibet’s right to self-determination when they are so opposed to it in Palestine and Iraq?
  • Why are they so concerned about ‘free speech’ in the Tibetan language when they so aggressively deny it in Arabic and English?
  • Why do they care so much about the traditional, simple, peaceful way of life in Tibet when they are engaged in raining death and destruction on the masses of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere?
  • Why has the Dalai Lama refused to utter even a word of criticism against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Free Tibet is not about supporting Tibet, it is about attacking China

Bush, Blair, Brown and Obama all cry crocodile tears over Tibet. The imperialists tell us naked lies about China and Tibet (just as they did about Iraq’s WMD). But we’ve been lied to enough that such lies shouldn’t be anything new to us.

Imperialism seeks domination, not freedom , as Lenin pointed out. The Free Tibet movement is a pawn in the imperialist game-plan to get rid of Chinese socialism and destroy China as a competitor. The well-meaning people who picket the Chinese Embassy calling for Tibetan independence are dupes of Anglo-American foreign policy.

Some facts about Tibet

  • China didn’t ‘take over’ Tibet. Tibet has been recognised as a part of China since the 13th century. It was the British who first tried to separate Tibet from China, to cement their Indian rule and steal a march on Tsarist Russia.
  • The independence movement in Tibet was the product of imperialism and Tibet’s feudal rulers, who were opposed to even the most basic democratic reforms. It is now led by theformer feudal rulers and funded by the CIA and related sources such as the National Endowment for Democracy.
  • At the time of the revolution, the People’s Liberation Army was welcomed with open arms by the masses of Tibet, who have enthusiastically taken part in the process of overthrowing the old order and building a new socialist society. They are an integral part of New China.
  • George W Bush awarded the Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal in October 2007.

Life for Tibetans is not ‘hell on Earth’

The Dalai Lama claimed that, as a result of the Chinese control over Tibet, life for Tibetans was “hell on Earth”. This absurd statement does not have any basis in fact.

  • Before feudalism was abolished in 1959, life for the vast majority of Tibetans was precarious and burdened with debt (monasteries being the chief usurers). Some 95 percent of people lived like slaves, while a tiny aristocracy lived in opulent splendour. The ruling class regularly resorted to methods of extreme brutality, and every feudal manor kept special instruments for gouging out people’s eyes, pulling out tongues, hamstringing and other tortures.
  • Killing the smallest living creature is ‘forbidden’ to ‘non-violent’ Tibetan Buddhism, but, given the need to keep the peasants in line, the religious authorities drew a Jesuitical distinction between flogging rebellious peasants to death (not allowed) and flogging them to the point that they were bound to die of their injuries (permitted).
  • Before the revolution, there was not a single hospital or school in Tibet; now there are thousands. Literacy was below 10 percent; now it is above 90 percent.
  • Before the revolution, life expectancy in Tibet was around 35; now it is over 70.
  • Tibet is an autonomous region within the People’s Republic of China. The Tibetan language is thriving, and there is extensive study of Tibetan culture (all across China, not just in Tibet).

Has anyone asked the Tibetans what they want?

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the BBC and others, the majority of Tibetans don’t support secession, but want to continue to enjoy ever improving living and cultural standards as part of China. They don’t want to go back to poverty and feudal domination for the benefit of imperialism.

China has only used force in defence of the people of Tibet to counter the violence of a small minority of anti-socialist and imperialist-backed wreckers and saboteurs. In the counter-revolutionary riots, which broke out on 14 March 2008, saboteurs and wreckers attacked and set fire to schools, public buildings and shops owned by unarmed and defenceless ethnic Han Chinese and Hui Muslims. On the first day, these ‘peace-loving’ Buddhists-on-the-rampage injured 623 people and killed 18 (including five young women garment workers who were burnt alive where they worked).

Don’t be a dupe! Free Tibet is a hoax; don’t fall for it

If the US managed to split Tibet from China, it would build military bases in Tibet (officially to ‘protect’ Tibet, but in reality further to threaten China, India and Pakistan and dominate the region in the interests of imperialism).

Don’t ally yourself with the agenda of Anglo-American imperialist war-mongering foreign policy. Recognise the Free Tibet movement for what it is – an elaborate exercise in deceit.

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