China an example for third world: Cuban media

Via Xinhua

HAVANA, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) — The Cuban government has hailed China’s development over the past 60 years as an example and hope for the third world.

“China is an example… No other country has lifted so many people out of poverty. This is something of which the Chinese people and government should be proud, and which the rest of the world admires,” official daily Granma said on Friday.

Granma, the Communist Party of Cuba newspaper, recalled the speech of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro that China was a promising hope for Third World countries.

“The West cannot disavow the reality,” Granma said.

The daily referred to the book “China’s Path: the Scientific Outlook on Development” by Chinese Professor Tian Yingkui, who said China had entered a period of accelerated development in industrialization, urbanization, informatics, marketing and internationalization.

During its economic and social development, China continued to emancipate and develop more productive forces, and improve those aspects that do not fit the development of the productive forces, Granma quoted Tian as saying in the book.

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