Morning Star letter on Copenhagen

The liberal media and the irksome Ed Miliband are accusing China of acting as a wrecking ball at the Copenhagen summit on climate change.

As Hugo Chavez emphasised in his brilliant speech at the summit – sadly unreported in the Star – the US with a population of 500 million “consumes 20 million barrels of oil a day.”

China with a population nearly treble that “consumes five to six million barrels a day.”

Unlike the US, China still has over 150 million people living below the poverty line.

Premier Wen Jiabao said in Copenhagen that China “has the arduous task of developing the economy and improving people’s livelihoods.”

He added that between 1990 and 2005 China had reduced its carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 46 per cent. Can the US claim the same?

Wen added that China has set the target of reducing carbon emissions per GDP a further 45 per cent by 2020 on 2005 levels. We see no such targets from the major industrialised countries.

He acknowledged the difficulties China faces with its reliance on using coal in its energy mix, but it is investing heavily in alternative energy and has embarked on one of the world’s largest reforestation programmes.

China does take climate change seriously, but it correctly rejects accusations from some of the world’s largest contributors to global warming that it is “holding the world to ransom.”

Dick Maunders

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